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Final Day and Celebration!

Sunday July 18: Raymond to Cape Elizabeth, ME

The bikers set off at 9:00 running a bit lighter than usual. We only needed 33 miles worth of water, no lunch, and fewer other items since we were heavily supported by SAG on our final day. We rode back roads down from Raymond to the south of Portland, passing through Westbrook, under the interstate, and then up Rt 77 to Cape Elizabeth. The bikers arrived at the Lobster Shack, at the end of Two Lights road, at about 11:30 AM, and made their way down to the beach. There we dipped our wheels in the Atlantic, matching our ceremony on the Pacific 12 weeks ago. Eric poured out a small vial of Pacific Ocean water he had carried across the country to indicate the successful end of the trek.

After these final ceremonies, the whole gang went up to the lobster shack for lunch, and then headed back to Raymond for the celebration party (see below.)

Preparing to leave Panther Pond for the final 33 miles
Lined up and ready to go
Passing through Westbrook on our way to the coast
Arriving at the Lobster Shack at Cape Elizabeth
Jennifer and Karl greeting the bikers as they arrive
Bikers and support team work their way down the beach to the water
Riders dipping their wheels in the Atlantic
Bikers at the finish
Finishing smiles
Eric pours a bottle of Pacific water into the Atlantic, he carried across the country
Bikers and support team
Everyone eating lunch at the lobster shack


Celebration Party at Panther Pond

The riders, support team and other celebrants made their way back to Panther Pond. On arrival, we found the whole cabin decorated in a festive manner for the party, all done while we rode in the morning. A large map was unveiled, created by Cecily, with the whole route carefully plotted across the country. Peter, Mary and Clair Sevcik (John's business partner and family) arrived from their Maine summer house, and the party began.

Following an old Bartlett tradition (or at least an old Nana Bartlett tradition), two songs were sung about the bike ride. The first, sung by all to the bikers, is called "Trail's End" to the tune of Amazing Grace, written by Nana, and can be found HERE. The second, written during the ride by Eric, and sung to the tune of Stan Rogers' "Field Behind the Plow" can be found HERE.

The house was decorated in a festive manner while the bikers were doing their last ride
A large sign welcomed the bikers and acclaimed their accomplishment
More balloons over the dining table
Karl sharpened the big kitchen knife with a stone he brought back from the beach
Mackenzie, Chelsea & Abbie prepare some veggies and dip
Nana shows Peter the map Cecily created of the whole bike ride
John looks shocked after realizing he will have to go back to work
Sally had specialized bike ride T-shirts made for each rider
Clair explains the decorations on the cake she and Jennifer decorated, baked by Cory
Cory having an in depth discussion with Mary about dogs
Cory, Sally and John enjoy snacks, with Doris in the background
Clair and Cory discuss dogs, while Mattie hopes for a handout

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