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Sunday June 19: Mt. Vernon to Rockport, IN

Not too long a ride today, but quite hot. Evansville is a big town, where the road slowly turned into a major highway, and we had to get off and find some smaller streets. No bike shops open on a Sunday. Newburg was a quiet spot on the river with old houses and shops. We ate lunch and watched the river, and talked to the guy with an electric bicycle. Actually we mostly listened. When we got into Rockport, we rode to the end of the street, where we could see up and down the river as well. The Innkeepers were away, so they left us keys to an empty Inn, and someone showed up in the morning to cook our breakfast and slide our credit card.

Just after passing through Evansville, the lead bikers came across a whole line of credit cards, business cards, and other wallet items along the side of the road. We stopped, and collected up the whole lot, including a drivers license and cash. John called the owner, who was very happy to hear from us and he and his wife immediately drove over to find us. We later received this email from them:

From: "raypat450" <>
Date: June 20, 2005 11:32:49 AM CDT
To: Eric Bartlett <>
Subject: One guy in Evansville, Indiana thanks you lots!

Thanks so much to the Bartlett family! They stopped on a rather large
hill when they found my husband's wallet that he had inadvertently
left on top of his car while getting gas. They were so great to take
the time to call us, pick up his id, credit card, money, photos, etc
and wait until we could get there to retrieve it.

It was really odd that our future daugher-in-law's name is Bartlett

Have a geat trip which I can tell you are and thanks again.

Janet and Ray Raisor

Jen and John drove back into Evansville to find the old farmhouse where Jen remembered visiting her grandparents (and their pony) when she was young. With a bit of searching we found it in a beautiful location, at the very end of a dead-end road in the country. The same folks who bought the house from her grandparents are still living there, and the place is being kept beautifully.

Resting beside the Ohio river in Newburg.
We met this guy on an electric bicycle in Newburg. The front wheel is the battery, the back wheel is the motor.
Watching the new dam and locks just above Newburg on the river.
View from Rockport Inn up the river towards a new bridge and coal fired power station
Eric at the Rockport Inn. Wireless network courtesy of the library across the street!
Jen & John visited the house where Jen's grandparents lived in Evansville


Monday June 20: Rockport to Corydon, IN

OK, we are on a three day push to get to Cincinnati. Eric's revised schedule had us doing this stretch in 4 days, but we decided to push ahead and get to Cincinnati, and then take a couple of days off there to recover, basking in the good care of Bob and Anne Beaven. So today we did 74 miles. We started out on Rt 66 and Rt 37 doing slow easy climbs and downhills. The road was busy, but had a good shoulder. Then Eric took us onto the country roads, and things began to roll up and down a bit more! Beautiful countryside, but we found a few hills, winding up the day doing 4300 feet of climbing. Our big excitement of the day was the beautiful view of the river from Leavenworth, and watching the big barges pass while we had a snack and rest.

Indiana's shoe tree (remember the one in Nevada?)
Lunch in Leopold, IN, a beautiful little town with a one stop general store
Rolling Indiana countryside, on a bluff above the Ohio river
Two barges passing the Outlook Resturant in Leavenworth, IN
Classic Mailpouch advertisement on the side of a barn
Riding the last stretch of road between Leavenworth and Corydon


Tuesday June 21: Corydon to Madison, IN

We rode 69 miles along up the Ohio river today from Corydon to Madison. About 10:00 we passed through New Albany, which is just across the river from Louisville, KY. We rode into New Albany, stopped at a convience store, and asked where we could sit and see the river. They sent us to a nice little park but said we would have to ride up a big hill to get there. The big hill was just 30 or 40 feet, and turned out to be the levee beside the river.

Much of the rest of the ride took us away from the river, and whenever you move away from the river you climb the bluffs up to the level of the prarie, so we had some hill climbing to do. When we arrived in Madison, our hotel was at the top of the bluff, and we drove down into the river valley when we went down to town to find dinner.

We had dinner at Tugboats Cafe, which was right on the river. Old town Madison has a number of nice little shops. Next morning we got to ride down that hill as we passed through Madison on our way up the river.

Annie parks in the Mayor's spot in New Albany, where we paused for a mid morning snack
John and Eric in New Albany
John waiting on top of the levee in New Albany for a slow moving train to clear the crossing
This slow moving train blocked Rt. 66 and gave us an empty road for 2 miles!
This one is for Nana, we think this historical society may have an opening for an editor
The chief navigator working out a route that has paved roads but not too many trucks ...


Wednesday June 22: Madison, IN to Cincinnati, OH

We knew this would be a long day, and so we got an early start. Most of Indiana is on Eastern time, but most of the counties of Indiana do not observe Daylight Savings time. So we have been confused about what time it is for days. The three counties surrounding Louisville use EDT, but others we passed through, including Madison, do not. Yikes! Anyway, we left at 8:00 EDT, which was 7:00 EST on the motel clocks, because we knew the schedule in Cincinnati would be on daylight time.

We had an option after Vivay to ride Rt 56 which headed away from the river, or follow Rt. 156 along the river which was longer, but would not involve climbing the bluffs. We chose the latter, and it was a great option. We flew along through beautiful countryside on a relatively quiet road, doing about 58 miles by the time we reached Rising Sun at 1:00 EDT. There by prior arrangement we met Jen and also Jen's parents, Bob & Anne Beaven, and had a leisurly lunch by the side of the river.

After lunch our good roads degraded, and we had some rough riding along Rt. 50 and through the suburbs of Cincinnati until we finally arrived in Clifton. Our total mileage for the day was 90 miles, our longest day of the trip so far. We arrived at the Beaven's house at about 5:30, to find Bob cooking barbeque ribs and chicken for dinner. After showers we had a sumptious meal, and settled in for a 2-day rest break.

Along Rt. 50 Bob and Anne spotted Fred, Jennifer, Meg and Erin, so Eric gave them a call. They are about a half day ahead of us, and are headed up the Little Miami bike trail, which we will follow in a couple of days.

Small cemetery under a tree along Indiana 156
Eric & John take a short break beside the river
Bob and Anne Beaven and Jennifer met us in Rising Sun for lunch
Crossing the Ohio border just outside Cincinnati
Rail yard in Cincinnati
Jen welcomes us with balloons to Hedgerow Lane

On to Ohio!

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